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Full-Service Property Management Company

Offering lawn mowing, treatment, pest control, & snow management

At True North Property Management, we are happy to prepare your yard for the upcoming season by providing property clean-up services. As a full-service property management company, we understand that keeping your lawn looking its best requires year-round maintenance. We can also come to clean your property after a storm.

Seasonal Services

Property clean-up services vary based on the season.

Here is a breakdown of our seasonal services:

Spring Clean-up

Maine is known for its harsh winters. It’s no surprise that once it’s over, your property needs to be taken care of so that it can look its best into the warmer months. True North Property Management’s team can repair snow plow damage to your lawn.

First, we start by removing dead trees, branches, leaf litter, and other debris from your lawn. Then, we patch seed and fertilize your lawn. This is how we prepare it to be mowed while promoting healthy growth.

Along with caring for your lawn, we can also clean up your garden beds. Once all debris is removed, we replace any mulch you may have in them. In the end, your property will look its best and be ready to enjoy all summer long.

Fall Clean-up

Like you need to repair your property after the winter in the spring, you must prepare it for the upcoming season in the fall. Fall property clean-up is more than just raking leaves. Although we do rake leaves, there are other tasks that must be done during this season.

To promote healthy growth come spring, we also trim shrubs. If you have annual plants or flowers, we cut those back. As for your lawn, we provide high nitrogen fertilizer and other treatments to promote root growth during the colder months. Once these tasks are completed, your property will be able to handle that winter has to throw at it.

Storm Clean-up

Along with seasonal clean-up, we can also come to clean your property after a major wind storm. We remove dead trees, branches, and debris from your property. Once you contact us, we will do our best to get to you as soon as possible so you can get back to normal.

Our Service Area

Serving the greater Bangor, Maine area, we are familiar with the seasonal needs your property has. Based in Holden, Maine. We can handle any property clean-up need you have, no matter the season or the weather.

Free Estimate

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our property clean-up services. To best suit your needs, we can provide a seasonal plan or a one-time post-storm clean-up. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to request a free estimate.

Providing Year-Round Property Management

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